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Hands up if you’re failing at pretty much every aspect of your life…

woke up at 3am. feel like tea and biscuits. no way to achieve said goal without waking up whole house. frustration.


The only thing worse than writing is writing about yourself.

"When you feel phantom rain falling soft on your fingertips, it means that you’re falling in love with a ghost. When your ears burn, your body knows that someone is thinking about you, even before you do. Honey will solve all the problems that sleep cannot dissolve. Your palms hold tree lines, stories that only fold deeper with age. The Japanese mended broken vases with gold resin, aggrandized the sharp corners and turned shards of pottery into basins that carried light. How early it is that we learn to never let ourselves break. We crawl before we walk, walk before we run, run before we break our own hearts. But skinned knees scab over, our bones heal into stronger skeletons, even the heart is known to stitch itself over. Whenever we break, we learn different ways to knot ourselves back together. And one day, we all will wake, and find that there’s light in the cracks we thought would never hold."

— “What The Body Knows,” Shinji Moon (via poetryelectric)